Logger or Point-of-Harvest certification is provided from Certified Master Logger Program (CMLP). CMLP is a voluntary performance based certification program for logging firms that are owned by Kentucky and Tennessee Master Loggers. Certified Master Logging firms are required to abide by a set of good logging standards and are field audited to ensure that they are complying with these standards. The CMLP itself is third party certified through Rainforest Alliances’ SmartWood SmartLogging program (certificate number SW-SL- 003285). Please visit certifiedmasterlogger.org for complete details.

It is possible to receive a Chain-of-Custody Certificate as well as being SmartLogging certified.  Please visit the Chain-of-Custody section for information.

Logging Section Administrator

For any questions related to logger or point-of-harvest certification please contact the Logging Section Administrator, Jeffrey Stringer.

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